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SEED Project

MISSION STATEMENT: Creating Revolutionary Science and Technology to Secure our World from Terrorism

ALVA Labs holds the SEED Patent for a device with the potential to not only safely detect and identify from a standoff distance explosives at the molecular level, but also detect and identify, as well as mitigate, biological agents, illnesses and infectious diseases such as Anthrax, Cancer, and Ebola.

We call our device ‘SEED’ for Stimulated Emission and Enhanced Detection, a non-passive, interrogative ‘nonlinear spectroscopy’ application of advanced Terahertz (THz} technology.
ALVA Team’s mission is to bring this lifesaving, groundbreaking, and cutting-edge SEED technology to the commercial market to not only provide society with greater security against terrorism but, also, to significantly enhance quality of life as a function of:

Small IED

Improvised Explosive Device

Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus

  • Defense & Security – Explosives
  • WMD – Biological Agents
  • Health Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Other commercial applications to include the detection of illicit drugs and small arms ammunition.

Make the ALVA Team’s mission your mission.

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